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If you find anything insulting in a 100% technical discussion, then you are part of the problem.  Again, if lights flicker, then a defect exists.  Just because other houses also have that defect does not mean it is acceptable.  When lights flicker, find and fix what is a defect.

Most light flickering is traceable to bad workmanship; not a serious human safety problem.  But it is still a defect that should not exist and should not be ignored.  That is not condescending (an emotional response). That is you now learning from your mistake (a logical response).

Lights changing intensity, in most cases, is not a human safety issue.  In one case it was the  obvious warning before a house exploded.  In your case, flickering would have been severe, obvious, and completely unacceptable.  Lesser intensity changes in other houses is also unacceptable.   Others can also learn from your mistake.

Did you inspect and fix that earth ground?  If not, do you know what to look for?  Changing light intensity was the symptom that reported a defect.  Earth ground was another defect that could have averted so much damage.  Two defects apparently  existed.  Were both investigated and corrected?