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In each case when emergency services were called for, "Light bulbs reported a serious human safety issue months ago. Damage because a consumer ignored obvious. "

In one case, an electric company borrowed Infrared goggles from the fire department.  A TV cable inside the walls was glowing red.  They had also ignored dimming lights that could have been solved without any 911 services had they ignored the naive who said, "Dimming is normal".

If  a laser printer causes lights to dim, that is a defect often traceable to workmanship.  Lights do not change intensity when wiring is done properly.  A fact - not an emotion.

Your symptoms imply a power controller inside the Mac sees its power button pressed and orders a PSU to power on.  It sees a defective voltage.  And immediately powers off that PSU.  Thing such a RAM,  SSD, and UPS are obviously irrelevant.  That is also not insulting.  That is also  fact based upon what was posted.