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Hi. Lot customers have wifi problem on HTC devices with different models. I have One E9+ with wifi problem. Problem was sometimes wifi cant turn on. Sometimes is show that wifi is turned on but that cant find a wifi network. In other around devices thay can show few wifi networks but my htc doesnt. I try with soft and hard reset, doesnt help. I speak with man who repaired cellphones, he answer me that he seen lot htc  phones with same problem. Now how i can fix problem instantly was clikcking with my finger on cover on behind ( battery cover, little bit down from camera lens) and after that wifi function work, but not to long mybe few hours. This is my 3rd HTC on 2 devices i have same problem one and one e9, with desire hd i have problem with gprs. I told myself its last htc device which i bought. Never more!

I send phone to official repairment, thay told me that was fisical damage and guarantie doesn cover. I cant belive because i save phone extremly.