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Probably because the wheel mounting plates are not parallel with the mower body. Mine were "toed in" on each side. In my case the mounting plate was "gold colored". I installed a spacer behind the wheel mounting bolt and the mower body. To see if this is the problem remove the wheel. Take off the inside dust cover and reinstall the wheel. Look at the plastic teeth of the wheel and the metal gear on the transaxle shaft. If gears are not meshed correctly grab the part of the tire that faces the front of the mower and pull it away from the mower. If the wheel and mounting plate move away from the mower and seats the gears correctly then you need to put a spacer (I used a slightly oversized nut to cover the wheel bolt threads sticking through the mounting plate) and then release the wheel and the nut (spacer) becomes pinned between the mounting plate and the mower body.  Because the nut covers the inside threads when you go to adjust the height of the wheels the pinned nut will move up and down between the plate and mower body.  I have read other posts that numerous parts were replaced to try to correct this problem. Nothing on my mower was worn so I just tried this and it worked perfectly. Hope this helps.