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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Abbaty Abdulrahman ,


System is not Powered


Hello my name is abbaty from Nigeria

i buy a toshiba c55d-b5310 AMD A8 from a company

called Darodaz, i have been using it for the past 1 year

and it's one of my best laptop i have ever buy and use, best for my work.

so one day i try to (power on) the laptop, it does'nt on. when i press

the power button a white light shows and stay on but the system will not

show, meaning the fan will not work, the screen will not display and that is how its stay.

so i take it to one of my friend that repair computers, he figure out the problem is from

an IC label U2, the IC is burnt so he replace it with another one, but it does not solve the problem

the IC is hot when he power the computer, so please i need an advise and if you can help to find a way that i can buy the IC to replace it with

i could like it more. i really love my toshiba. Thanks you.

my email:


Toshiba Satellite c55d-b5310