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I would have a better one made, or make it yourself  if you have that availability of a few tools and some technical savvy or sort of thing.

A local backyard mechanic or junkyard for bikes/light trucks will have plenty of parts that could be converted- these guys can fix you up.

If you own an ebike you (Similar to a Harley Davidson owner) should have a working knowledge of how to diagnose and fix your ebike/e-scooter.

There are websites like 'endless sphere' that can give you some tips if you have time to read as most ebikes are quite similar with 3 types of motors and 3 types of batteries needing 3 types of chargers.  The type of motor and the controller is important if you want to consider upgrading to make it faster perhaps you must know your motor although endless sphere may be only a starting point.

I would try local Kijiji site and see if anyone is fixing or parting out bikes  usually anyone buying that stuff will also sell it and fix you up.

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Hope it helps.

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P.S. I plan on posting my newest find an $80. Ebike on Kijiji & I diagnosed & quicky-Fixed fixed in 5 minutes but now I have to assemble the partially taken apart bike because the person didn't know what they were looking for and tore the controller out (he called it a computer) and it was a simple fix because I moved the back wheel and it jerked when it moved and yiu would have a hard time trying to push this bike or make it go. It was only one shorted wire doing this. It may be a week before I get this Ecoped Citygo bike on endless sphere bcuz I have many pics and a lot more assembly work so it may be in parts.