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I have a brand new Bosch washer and I had not enough water reaching the arms to spin. My soap was just on the floor of the washer. Luckily under warranty and called the service guy. I was lucky and he let me put the call on warranty though it was somewhat my fault.

Turns out there was an old dishwasher years ago that was uninstalled. The water supply copper pipe was just under the floor but NOT covered. I did lots of reno and flooring and cutting holes etc in the floor. Turns out SAWDUST got into that  upturned copper pipe.

I installed the washer to the pipe with a supply line and that sawdust clogged the intake. I was freaking out as this was a new washer and the FIRST wash - nothing was happening.

The service guy blew out the intake and was on his way. $20 tip from me happily.