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Where can I get the torx T5 and T6 screws I need!?


According to the teardown I need the following screws (having retrofitted a PCIe blade into my Mac mini and set it up as a fusion drive).

Need - 5 mm T5 screw to secure the end of the SSD

Need - two 2.6 mm T6 screws to secure the PCIe SSD cable bracket

Its all currently working fine, but I'm missing the screws and its all being held together with a  sliver of duct tape! Also does anyone know where to get the actual bracket itself that holds the ssd cable onto the motherboard? It didn't come with the cable kit I purchased, and whilst it is working OK, I would like all of this for piece of mind if possible. Surely the screws can't be too hard to obtain? Can they!?

Many thanks,



Mac Mini Late 2014