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I have a Chrysler grand voyager 2004 an am in England. I have never had an American vehicle before now. I have a feeling that the fuse in my front window might have blown so, have spent the best part of half an hour searching for the interior fuse box to no avail. I am used to Peugeot vehicles, where everything is easily accessible and easy to find. I looked through the operating information book and it states it's situated under the instrument panel near the steering column, but unless it's disguised, or hidden behind the dash panel and I need to take the car apart to get to it, I'm buggered if I can find the thing!

Why oh why would a car manufacturer make is such a difficult thing to change a fuse? It makes no sense to me.

So now I'm thinking of getting rid of it and going back to Peugeot. Sure it's nice and large and it's nice to drive, but if it costs me an arm and a leg to take it 10 miles to the nearest mechanic and pay him to do a simple thing like change a bloody fuse, I don't want it. I just don't *do* the whole consumerism thing.

So if anyone can tell me where to find the bloody interior fuse box, I'd be very much obliged otherwise the %#*@ thing will be on ebay this afternoon.