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It seems to be a light diffuser in/behind the LCD panel. This is not glued into place and thus able to move slightly, with some MacBooks moving more than others. Also temperature may be a reason for rattling becoming louder sometimes, while certain materials expand and the space that the diffuser has becomes larger (thermal expansion). I can't confirm nor deny whether the webcam module has also a role in this rattling sound, however when tilting and thus rattling the image in Photo Booth does not stutter. That would indicate the webcam module does not have a role in this and thus only caused by a certain part (diffuser!?) in the screen. As far as I understood this loose part is not harmful and relatively normal, but a quick visit to a Genius Bar is never a wrong decision if you're doubtful.

Video below shows the rattling sound this thread is about.

Step 13 shows the diffuser.


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