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Get an old pharmacy card or any old debit/credit card (the thinner the plastic card the better) & cut a piece off to fit & slide under one side of the sim card that's stuck in the slot (Be sure to make your piece long enough to where it sticks out about an inch). Once you have slid your piece of plastic into place under one side of the sim card then tilt the plastic piece at an angle so that you are wedging the sim card against your plastic piece & the slot. Then slowly pull the plastic piece out while still keeping the sim card wedged, & the sim card will come out. *MAKE SURE you are holding the phone upside down while doing this, so that the sim card will fall out of the slot & towards the ground. If you don't then the sim card will fall back into the slot when you pull your plastic piece out* I got this idea from another similar idea where the lady used a plastic cover of a notebook to cut her piece from. I improvised & used my old pharmacy card....both ideas work the first try.