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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Neil Rodgers ,


Hi harshaqdc

The problem with this phone is the weakness of the mid chassis down the side that you mention,  for a satisfactory repair to be carried out the phone needs to be dismantled and the chassis adjusted this is the usual cause of the screen popping at the corner you mention.

All parts are available for this repair

However if the distortion is only minor you may get away with using a suitable adhesive such as Zhanlida  B-600

Use the adhesive sparingly and apply with a fine spatula especially near the LCD don't worry about the adhesive setting off quickly there is  sufficient time to apply the adhesive.

Use paper clamps plus a support strip to spread the  pressure evenly down the side of the screen and leave for 24 hrs with the clamps in place.

Alternatively with careful use of a heat gun apply heat to the affected area and clamp as described above.

Hope this is of assistance