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Some time back I upgraded to Win 10 and all is well. However in recent week I have started running out of disc space so invested in a 128GB SDD, and the Intel Centrino 6235 card. Thought  about buying an 8 GB ram stick but have been persuaded by others that it will not work. Took out the old SSD and cloned it (using Disk  Jockey hardware) to the new SSD. Fitted the new drive all is well after using EASUS partition master to merge the newly created partitions into one partition, did not want a C and D drive. Then tackled the WiFi card upgrade after first removing the drivers of the old Atheros card (Bluetooth and WiFi) and installing the Intel program for loading the 6235 drivers. Removed the card. Installed the new card. Checked the device manager had no issues and had loaded the new drivers. Then re established my Bluetooth links to the keyboard and mouse. Make sure the driver settings for the card features are set to Auto for both 5Ghz and 2.4GHZ channels (see intel web site for more details) Now downloading data at about 240 Mbps and have plenty of disc space. No need to upgrade to a Surface pro tablet now, a good use of $100.00.

Next upgrade will be a 256 GB SSD.