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I have been reading the answers to this question and it appears there is no real answer for the actual issue that is happening.  The glass is spreading from the frame because of the type of glue that is used from Apple to attach these screens together.  They use a type of hot melt adhesive.  This adhesive is very strong at normal temps but will loosen if the device is subjected to heat above normal.  Direct sunlight, battery over heating, sitting on dashboard, etc...  There is a quick fix and a proper fix.  The quick fix is to add super glue to the screen,  hold down for a few seconds and your screen will stay down.  The proper way to fix is to remove the screen and remove the frame completely from the LCD.  You then apply some cold adhesive to the frame to reattch the frame to the LCD.  Once this glue is applied, you frame will not lift again.  Also, you would want to check the battery to see if it is swelling at all.  If so, it'll need replacing before installing the screen back in.  New replacement from Apple is great but this is a real solution for repair of you same device.