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Do you have a backup of your data? If yes I agree with mayer; perform a clean OS installation.

If no this is obviously cause for alarm. I would suggest running Allsoft Disk Warrior (bootable, surprisingly effective) and then Tech Tool Pro (also bootable, run a drive surface scan).

If Disk Warrior reports errors in the file system but Tech Tool reports no bad blocks allow Disk Warrior to repair the drive as it sees fit. Then backup. A every minute. Though Tech Tool didn't find any bad blocks it doesn't mean there is not something wrong with the drive or the controller. You'll want to have a good backup plan while the drive in question proves (or disproves) reliability.

If Tech Tool reports ''ANY'' bad blocks I would suggest replacing the drive. Though Tech Tool can map around the bad blocks experience tells me bad blocks are like cancer; you can make it seem better for a while but it tends to spread.

Let us know if you get this issue resolved!