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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Virat Singh ,


Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter which is capable of attaching to your MBP via MagSafe - but then it's got the DC power connector on the other end. THEN you could connect your MBP to the folding solar power panels.

In theory, this could work. I'm not sure since I've never tried it - apparently there isn't anyone on this site who has. There are also other issues surrounding this topic. The solar power panels only provide upwards of 26watts of power - which we all know is insufficient since the MBP needs 85watts of power.

Do a search to find one that provides the power output that you need and see if fits your needs. I do know from the very fast search I conducted that these products are expensive! Maybe you could buy a couple of extra batteries to take on the trip with you. Might come out cheaper that way.

*Disclaimer* In know way am I attempting to be an expert on this subject. Just merely offering my two cents.

Hope this helps.