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Where to buy good quality iPhone screens in Europe


Hi guys,

I am running a small mobile phone repair business. It is going quite  OK but encounter some issues when  I repair Apple phones mainly due to  screen replacement. I have frequent return repairs because of the bad quality screens which stop working after some time or become unresponsive etc.  Usually I order screens from eBay  and choose the cheapest option since then I could offer affordable price for the customers (I inform them as well about the quality) and it is easier to compete with competition. But now I could see  that this is not the best option.  Therefore I would like to offer OEM quality screens but the problem is I could not find trustworthy supplier located in Europe.  I know that etradesupply,com  has to offer different kind of grades when it comes to iPhone screens but I can not afford to wait so long for the items to arrive.

I would really appreciate if someone who is running phone repair business in Europe could tell me where I could find to buy good quality iPhone screens. Thanks.