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Camera not working after replacement


Hello Everybody!

Let's get in to it. As the description say's, i changed the camera modul because the lense are broke and blurry after a drop on the flor. It is still working but blurry and pinkish...

Well i bout a new camera modul and it did not work,.

Steps i allready tried:

Whiping the camera cache disabeling and enabeling with reboots, aslo made a factory reset but it is still not working.

Now i've got a replacement because i taught it could have a defect. And voil'a!  Again nothin...

Could this be that there are different types of camera moules aout there...?

Right now i am trying   a custom rom (Lineage OS) 14,1 but im not finished yet.

I appreciate any help! Thanks mitch



OnePlus X