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Nokia smartphones don't seem to want to charge  when the battery  is in a low charge state. Most people these days are using a USB charging lead via a laptop or the standard plug in the wall charger with USB take off. The original charger looks the same but it is a 2.0 amp output laptops are only 1.0 amp and most other phones charges are also. It means when you plug your lead in the phone switches on and the battery is in a low charge state the phone is using more power than the charger is supplying. Answer use original charger or any 2 amp charger till the charge gets past 20% then you can go back to a 1 amp. That Apple i phone as a 2.1 amp charger so if your mate or girl/boyfriend as one you can use theirs to get you to 20% then leave them. Or there is a car plugin charger on the market that as 2 USB outputs one is 1 amp and one is 2.1 for that other companies phone. Or you can buy on ebay a 2 amp wall charger with dual outputs for about a fiver. For that time when you forget to charge the phone. It works no reset soft or hard just 2.0 amps needed.