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My es 300 runs rough(jerks or seems to miss) under exceleration


i have a 2000 ES300 167000 miles a very well kept car,  it seems to miss or surg or loose power when you accelerate the car, and when at freeway speeds constantly sputters and misses the vehicle dose not ever throw a trouble code. when the car is cold start up and it operates perfectly as soon as it reaches operating temp it starts to run bad, it always idles smooth  and at full throttle it works great. i have done everything to try to cure this problem new plugs, coils, VVT oil control solenoids and filters, cleaned the oil pump pick up tube in the oil pan (very clean in the engine no sludge ) new oxygen sensors...   i need some advice running out of ideas...  thank you..


1996-2001 Lexus ES