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if you have proof of purchase and are still under warranty go to apple . if not your going to have to pay a third party to remove it by reprogramming the EFI chip (AKA bios chip) be careful as this can brick your machine if not professionally done I have had many technicians even 20 year plus veterans come to me after they fried the motherboard. At that point you might as well buy a new machine. For more info look for programming efi bios chips. It sounds simple but its more of a electrical engineering thing than a I.T. thing. mxic6406e was the chip they first used to hold the bios info. as of last 2 years there is a couple of different chips depending on model and year that I don't know off top of my head but I do have plenty of pictures somewhere as I always would document a new machine after my work is done.  HOpe this gives you insight and don't brick it!!! Try apple or third party or sell it (Not to me I have plenty) if you don't want to invest more.