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Original post by: Daniel ,


I had a screen and battery replaced on a iPhone 6, and straight after heat issues and battery drain even on flight mode and simple apps were killing the battery as well, I opened the phone and saw that the new screen connectors has no pads, even on the battery as I changed battery too, the guy from the shop(u.k.junction8 on m20 services) even forgot to put back the bracket with 5 screws which is covering the three connectors.

Thanks for my moms water damaged phone was in the draw, I could reuse the bracket and the foam pads, which they are hard to take them off without destroying them. The seller even destroyed the home button gasket by removing it the worst way, without hearing it up, my home button was clumsy as !&&*! How many people had this issue and went mad? How many phone shop neglected this thing and gave back phones with battery drains to their customers? I haven't really seen any solution in the internet that's why I am greatfull to find this useful solution on ifixit!