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What revision number is the ROM in the Geforce 7300 GT?

On a "broken" iMac 24 that I got recently, I did a T-boot and used Disk Utility (on the good Snow Leopard iMac) to "restore" (copy) the good HDD to the sick iMac.  Then, it would fully boot into Safe Mode!  However, any regular boot (from the HDD, and DVD, or any USB flash stick) fails, freezing on a white, grey, or black screen (sometimes with the cursor arrow movable).

Since the HDD seems good (and should not even be used if booting from DVD), and Safe mode shows the full desktop, I am guessing that there is a mismatch between the iMac's boot rom and the strange revision I see on the 7300 GT's ROM.  I expext 3022, possibly 3021, but not the 3467 revision that I see.

Please, how can I re-flash the 7300's ROM back to revision 3022?

I am hoping that would cure the problem.