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Don't worry, that might only be a last resort. This is either a battery error or, it is soft bricked. If is a battery error, you must buy a new battery. If that is not the problem, try booting it in safe mode (I don't remember the process for an lg phone ( look it up on youtube)but this I am 90.9% certain it can be opened  and runing in this.) if you do that and it runs, the issues are caused by, third party apps, bad files, malfunctioning apps, or a virus. If it runs with being unplugged, delete all apps, files, or any other possible problem, and try rebooting it out of safe mode ( just turn it off then on again) and if it doesn't work it is, bad power supply, virus, android boot error, or wrong battery. At that point try to find out if you are using the wrong battery. Past that I would take it into a repair place, they can tell you and should be able to fix things without factory wipe.

I hope this helps