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Hi there, we have been TRYING to repair our Magic Chef Dishwasher, CBD1500AWW, for over 2 weeks now. I have been frequenting this site, trying to apply things I learned here to our issue... It all started when we decided to clean the filter... We have had lime scale, or calcium buildup, I DON'T KNOW, in the dishwasher for years, and it had gotten to the point where it interfered with the proper running/cleaning of the dishwasher. We took the spray arms out, undid the various parts, UNBOLTED them is more accurate, and chipped off all of this yucky white hard stuff. It was horrendous. And then we put it all back together and used an additive to help dissolve the rest of the Yucky White stuff, man what a pain!!!! We were so excited!!! We did it!! My mother and I her daughter, did this all by our selves... We ran a very small load as a tester, and I checked the results... I almost cried when I saw the dish detergent all over the cutlery (the cutlery basket is on the door right below the detergent dispenser) and nothing was clean, or even residually moist. We both searched for clues as to why the dish washer was filling with water, and the spray arms weren't spraying... UGH!!!! We took it all apart again, and double checked everything, GOOD LUCK finding a manual for this model! Still nothing... Mom noticed that the spray arm base was wiggling and not seated firmly, and we decided that maybe it needed to be bolted down, and that was it!! It works like a charm now... So, my advice, TAKE PICTURES with your phone at every step when you're removing something, and take notes... That way you don't have to rely on a sometimes faulty memory!! And everything else should be easier to understand!!! I hope this helps others!!