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Samsung S4 Mini battery workaround



I have a Galaxy S4 Mini working good, but the battery is gone a long time. I would like to keep this phone powered on permanently. My intention is to use like a spy cam using a App called Alfred. For sure there are better alternatives, but I'm trying to use some "scraps" that I have here.

I got a micro step-down board, the phone, a 12V continuous power supply and connected all together.

The step-down board reduce the 12V to 3.9V and I connected it on battery connectors and the phone power on normally, but I got a situation here.

The battery indicator's Phone show around 60% when I power on the Phone. After some minutes it decrease to 59% and after other minutes to 58% and keeps decreasing  the "battery" until the phone power down automatically.

The step-down board keep whit 3.9V output and not heating, no voltage oscillation.

Somebody knows what is happening  and what I can do to keep the phone powered on?




Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini