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How can I disable the proximity sensor in my LG Q6?


Okay, I have an LG Q6 (not the G6) but Q6 was not an option in the device list on this forum.  Guess the phone is newer than the list.

Anyways, proximity sensor.  Normally, one can turn that off (disable it) in the call settings under the phone app.  Unfortunately, I do not see such an option on the Q6.

The purpose of the proximity sensor is to turn off the screen when you put the phone to your ear so you ear doesn't touch the "touch screen" and hang up calls.  (You can just as easily tap the power button quickly to turn off the screen before putting it to you ear but LG thought a proximity sensor might automate things a bit.)

The problem I have, is that I have a severe visual impairment so I often have to put the phone's screen inches from my eyes to see it and, as a consequence, the proximity sensor  shuts the screen off.  Bloody !&&*.

I just want to disable the proximity sensor completely and there's no option in settings.  And yes, I've looked MANY times.