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Ammy you are not saying if you get anything on your screen like a BIOS start up screen or anything so I make the assumption that your screen stays blank. The way I'd proceed is to turn off your Pavillion and take out the battery take of charger. Take of the ram and disconnect the wireless card. Once you have the Battery, the RAM and the wirelsee card disconnected press the power button and keep it pressed for at least 30 sec. Then reassemble your computer and try to boot.

Should this not have worked try to reset your BIOS by clearing the CMOS. You accomplish that by removing the small battery behind the RAM modules for a few seconds. There is some good information [|here] and [|here as well] and as you can read on plenty of forums like this you are not the only one with htis issue. I do hope you get it working and wishing you all the best.