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I realize this post is a couple years old but here's my issue to bring this back up....

I replaced the screen and it went smooth, plugged in phone to full charge no issues. After fully charged I started to setup load a few apps, I noticed the Home button not too responsive then no response at all.

I then replaced the Home button to a new button for iPhone 6 and now have no power from wallplug, No iTunes recognize or power, Nothing just seems dead now..  So,  I reopen the phone and disconnect the Home Button. Power on Phone and have 90% battery..    So is Home button faulty or is Home button ribbon faulty..

The Home button looks slightly damaged see image. Currently Phone is working with no issues other than Home button is disconnected and I have to use AssistiveTouch  to navigate.

Waiting on ribbon to arrive to update thread but if anyone has replies please post.