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I've given this answer elsewhere on here, but here goes anyway...As another reply states, the socket just sits (loosely) on the circuit board. This allows movement which wears out the contacts on the board. I tried all sorts of things and eventually got a length of eight core cable (Ethernet cable would work) - you only need seven cores - and soldered it on to the board and the socket, extending the socket outside the controller. It's a bit Heath Robinson, but it works and saves buying a new controller. If you're going to attempt this then a couple of tips:

1). Once the socket is out of the unit, the contacts can fall out of it, particularly when soldering. I suggest some good tape to hold them in before you start.

2). Test all of the connections. The back two pairs (furthest from the socket hole) detect the presence of the plug in the socket. One pair is normally open and the other is normally closed, so don't assume that a short is a bad thing. Test the socket first to familiarise yourself with how it works with and without a plug.

3). If you're still reading and understand all this then give it a go. If not then I suggest you don't attempt it.