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While reviewing the answer submitted by JAYEFF and looking for  replacement part, I spent a little more time investigating my problem.  I thought that the connector had come lose on the board.  I looked a little closer at the connector and noticed that the negative connectors on the DC power connector wer only 2 spring like clips instead of a full collar.  Since the replacement part arrived I decided to attempt an in-place  fix.  I did spend a little time looking at the replacement part before trying this.  I found a round piece of steel, it was a "large" regular sewing needle.  A paperclip will not work. A needle for sewing leather might work better since it would be stronger.  I unplugged the computer and removed the battery for safety reasons -- did not want to short anything.  I inserted the needle and used it to

pry the clips, inside of the connector,  towards the power pin.  I did not apply a lot of pressure because I did  not to brake the clips or move it out so much that it would short the positive pin  when on battery power.  I test fitted the DC power plug into the computer and it no longer was wobbly.  As I mentioned in the first post, the DC power was intermittent because the connector was not always making the connection so it fluctuated   between battery and DC power causing some low battery conditions where the computer shut down.

There is no warranty on the suggested fix.  You evaluate my suggested fix and assume all responsibility if you go forward.  I suggest that you have a replacement cable available just in case you need to replace the cable.  We will probably   need to replace the cable eventually.  Let me know if the simple fix worked.  Any feedback/comments appreciated.