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How to isolate source of charging problem in iPod Classic


I have and IPOD Classic that will not charge.  When measuring the charging amps to the device, I notice erratic readings.  For a while it would show 0.08 A, then for a  little while it would jump to 0.44 A then reduce to 0.32 A for a while.  Then drop off to 0.08 A.   Charging volts is steady between 5.15 and 5.17 V.  The IPOD will continue to show the "low battery" screen continuously.  I have tried multiple batteries with no change in outcome.  I have switched cables as well.  My conclusion thus far is that the problem is internal to the IPOD - the charge port, the power chip, the battery connector or something else.

I was hoping someone might have a step-by-step on how to isolate the issue.


iPod Classic