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SSD Enlargement - 512 GB SSD for Mid 2012 MacBook Air


Hi There,

I am running out of space on my SSD on a regular basis, despite off-loading tons of stuff to an external drive. It really is time to increase the hard disk space!

Two things I was wondering:

1) I've read in a previous post around here that there are no 4-lane wide 512 GB SSD available for the aftermarket. Apparently these SSDs (2-lane wide) run slower. Has this changed, are there any 4-lane SSDs available in 512 GB size?

2) Is there a way to duplicate my 256 GB drive to the 512 GB (via Carbon Copy Cloner, or similar), and then resize the partition to "enlarge" the drive from 256 to 512 GB? I don't want to start anew with another system. I've gotten so much software and configuration on this computer, it would take a year to rebuild it all.

Any links to parts that might work for me, or how I might go about the drive thing would be greatly appreciated!




MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012