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RMA returned me a dead laptop


So folks, I have this discrepancy at the current moment. I recently made a post about a razer blade stealth not supplying enough power to the display which what gives me a black display. I just received the unit itself today after having the new Wifi module installed and paying them the inspection/diag fee along with part cost for the wifi module.

Now, as soon as I get back from class, I open the box up and try to power on the laptop. It wont power on! So, I imagine its just dead from not charging. I plug in an OEM charger and try turning it on. keyboard flashed the usual led wave rgb colors and then all of a sudden, Sparks emanated right above the power button. The laptop then just instantly shut off and now wont display an ounce of life. The whole unit seems to be fried. I sent it to them to diag the issue with the display, the laptop turned on without any problems before they got it! Yet now im stuck with a brick. This laptop has no warranty but I mean, is this something they should have to cover? I feel robbed...


Razer Blade Stealth