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If Apple's proprietary lightning cables were worth what they '''charge''', I would not mind paying the Apple piper. But Apple's cables are the first to go; they fray, they fail, they totally fall apart, all under reasonable wear circumstances. Certain of these tougher aftermarket cables hold up; if Apple would  only allow them to function. They initially read and start charging, but then Jiminy Cricket somehow figures out they're not OM products and disables the operation. Nice going, Tim. You force us into aftermarket cabling, then blackmail us into buying your inferior peripherals.

Steve would have fired you long ago and put Forstall back in charge of the whole operation. He may have been a pain in the backshop, but he cared about us and shared our wide-eyed enthusiasm . You, Ive and fellow bots are meek pretenders, merely counting your (read: my) money.

What's most sad is that I'm a loyal fan of Apple products.