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What happens if a piece becomes deatached completely?


ok so I accidentally left my ipod in my shorts and my mom washed them that day. I did that rice method advice I heard about all over google. I left it in a bag of rice for 3 days, but it wasn't a success. So I went to Youtube to figure out how to open up my ipod, then I again accidentally broke that little peice hooked on a skinny wire right behind the screen from the inside, lost the hold button entirely, and messed between the upper part inside screen, and under the white part where the hold button belongs. I then found out the screen from the inside has a little scratch on the top right corner, which now looks like a wet mark stain. I plugged in my ipod, but nothing shows, but I hear it beep twice. I then found out why it beeps twice. Now I dont know What to do? please help me! where, how, and how much will it take until it's fixed? HELP!!


iPod Nano 4th Generation