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No ink printing Epson WF 7610


Hi everyone, hope you are all excellent today.

I have a Epson WF-7610 (wasn't in the options when I created question).

It is about 2.5 years old.

We do not use Epson cartridges.

It was not used for about one year. When we returned, it has no ink on page.

We have bought new cartridges. I have run clean print heads a millions times :-)

I have put damp paper towel under print head. Colours appear on towel.

Still no ink on page.

Rang Epson who told me due to non genuine cartridges I have voided my calls with them.

I followed tutorial on how to completely remove print head and clean with a little warm water (didn't have cleaning agent). All colours appear on towel.

I have syringed little nozzles to ensure aren't blocked.

I have run all the machine maintenance options.

When I print it makes all the right printing noises,  I can hear the paper going through and the associated print head noises with it.

Out pops blank paper.

What shall I do next trusted brains trust :-)

Thank you,


Epson WF-2540