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I have these issues plus including all icons disappearing, running extremely sluggish, date stamps missing on SMS messages, now when I tap any key or app it no longer vibrates except during a call or text alerts, and since dec 2017 the phone goes thru a bunch of sound effects and buzzing about 3-4 times a day and back some months ago the phone heated up to 121 degrees and afterwards all these above problems started and back in 2017 the micro sd card disappeared but accessible thru my laptop but the card is encrypted so even tho the laptop sees it I can not gain access to the files. Going back to feb 2017 I started taking bug reports and sending em to the sd card and after the card was no longer available I started sending the bug reports to my google drive. I have had it with my HTC 10... my HTC Evo 3D still works fine just upgraded it as it got old and I have a need for speed no matter if it's my pcs of phone