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Original post by: Neil MacCormick ,


I have an Acer Swift 1.  It too conked out with black screen and unable to  repower.

I found an easy solution for my case.

1.  Check the bottom of your laptop and look with a magnifying glass if necessary for a very small symbol of a  battery.  I don’t know which Acer models will have this setup.

2.  Above that symbol you will see a tiny hole.

3.  Put a pin or needle through the hole and press down for five seconds.

4.  Wait for several minutes then power up.  It worked for me.

5.   I found this solution on a web site that I cannot now find!

6.   I cannot find any reference to this procedure nor indeed to the symbol and pinhole in Acer manuals.  I believe this approach removes static:  you may have to repeat it once or twice to clear the machine.