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Why is my iMac's screen showing weird coloured squares?





My iMac was on sleep mode for about an hour or two. When I start using it for an hour, my mac hanged and the screen is displaying colourful pixelated squares.

My spotify was still playing as per normal, but I could not access to any thing on the screen, I can move and see my mouse cursor moving around but unable to click anything.  I tried to force shut down and restart my computer,  it was normal on the login screen but the boxes appear after approx 2-5 minute of usage each time.

I managed to backup my documents into my hard disk. While it was copying, it hanged  with squares again but  I heard the sound of the file being successfully copied into my hard disk.

I tried reformatting and installing the OS, nothing happened for a good 1-2 hour until the signing in of my Apple ID and it got hanged again.

My iMac is working well for the past 6-7 years , I know its old but its really treating me well till this weird looking squares start appearing.

I do not know what's wrong with it, which component is affecting this problem. I would like to know and get it fix asap!



iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2389