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To everyone who has posted an additional question to this thread: READ THRU THE ANSWERS PROVIDED!! If your car wont go into reverse - it's likely the shift cable needing adjustment. If your vehicle goes into reverse but then wont move - its likely the reverse fork or the main shaft has a crack engaging forward and reverse. and if your vehicle seems to not shift at the right time or shifts very hard - it may be the fluid is low or needs replacing or you need a new clutch. SO: if you see that one of these is your problem and the solution provided seems understandable, then perform the action. If you see your problem but dont understand the solution - pay a mechanic for diagnosis and repair. If you dont see your issue AND ALSO you dont know how to work on a transmission - go to a mechanic. Sometimes you understand the solution and sometimes you don't. If none of the above makes sense, or you dont know where the transmission is located - you MUST go to a mechanic, so why even bother posing a question?  All the solutions for every question posted is in the thread, but you have to read the other answers and then apply the knowledge gained. If you are unable to do that, just go to a mechanic.

Re; the ford focus purchaser: fins out how much the replacement tranny and installation is and then buy the car for $200 if you can have the repair done. That said, I drove an acura 90k without reverse gear - just requires thoughtful parking and space to go around a car in front of you.