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It is possible that you can get the “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” Error, if you are using the camera for a long period of time.

You can use safe mode try to solve this camera problem.

-    In the safe mode, all third-party apps are disabled so we can detect the problem is with third-party app or other.

-    Press and hold the Power button

-    You will see different Power option on your screen

-    Now press and hold the Power Off option continuously

-    After few second, you will get a pop-up box asking you to restart the device in Safe Mode

-    Tap OK

-    As soon as the device opens in Safe Mode, check whether the camera works or not. If the camera works perfectly fine then third-party app may be causing error in the camera.So, try uninstalling the recently downloaded app and see whether the error is fixed or not.

However, if safe mode can not fix the camera problem. then you should change a new rear camera.

Here is [|Sony Xperia Z2 dissasembly]. it can help you replace the rear camera.