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My Laptop won't charge the Battery nor Boot on it without AC adapter


Hello everyone, Hope you're doing great.

My problem is a little bit unusual (i guess)

My laptop won't boot on a perfectly '''working''' battery, and also won't '''charge''' it.

When i start my  laptop on the AC adapter and connect (or the battery is already connected) the windows icone of the  battery shows that my Laptop  is on battery only (which is not)

This is a capture of my desktop (note that my Laptop is plugged with its AC adapter)


This is confusing , i tried many things to fix this problem (i changed the power port,  and tested the battery and AC adapter) one thing i didn't try is a solution related to the '''Charging Circuit'''  due to the lack of experience with circuits and  also because they told me it may put an end to your and your Laptop's misery .

Please i just need an explanation to what's wrong, even if it's not fixable.

Thank you and peace upon you.


Sony Vaio VPCF126FM