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iPhone 8 plus home button not "clicking" after screen replacement.


I have been repairing iphones in my business for 3 years now. Yesterday I replaced the screen and digitizer on an Iphone 8 plus. The home button was intact and functioning on the original screen. After the repair when I tested the phone, the home button would not respond to the "click" function. I realize that the iphone 7 and 8 no longer have an actual button, but they do vibrate to give the feeling of a click and the function is still there, to return to home and double click to close apps. The finger print reader was functioning , and read the owners fingerprint, but the button wouldn't click. I then reassembled the original screen and the home button functioned correctly.  I called the vender who I had order the screen from to request a replacement for what i thought was a defective screen. I was told that it is hit and miss on iphone 8's - and that is was surprising that the home button worked at all. I did some searching on the internet and can't find anything about , the original home button for the iphone not working with a replacement screen. Is this really a hit or miss issue, or did I just have a defective screen. I can't offer a screen replacement and take away the function of the person's home button.


iPhone 8 Plus