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First I would check the battery to see how much life is left in it. Download this great free app: [|CoconutBattery]. Paste a screenshot of the main window so we can see it here [guide|21499]

I would also check the energy settings within the Energy Saver control panel to make sure the settings are correct. I would enable the show battery status in menu bar setting I would also make sure not to put the disk into sleep mode when on battery given you’re running a DJ app here. I hope you’ve got plenty of  son de Cuba (Buena Vista Social Club) I love Ibrahim Ferrer’s Nuestra Ultima Cita for us older folks!

Being in Cuba it can get quite hot and humid ;-} So you may need to clean out the dust buildup inside and the fan & heat sink. You may need to also clean and apply a fresh coat of thermal paste on the heatsink. As I’m also suspecting your system may be slowing down as it’s overheating.

Here’s the IFIXIT guide you’ll need to follow: [guide|7657] here we are only cleaning it.

You might want to download this app: [|TG Pro] it will allow you to monitor your systems temps so when the system slows down you can see if it’s overheating.