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Sports mode turns on by itself


I have a 1991 Honda accord with 166k miles on it, Auto trans, The sports mode will sometimes stay solid and i dont even have it pushed in. and some days it will flash. sometimes it feels like its in 2nd gear when im in d4. also when i try to downshift from D4-1 I dont get that downshift "feel" feels like its not doing anything. Ive done the paper clip cheat on the passenger side where the kick panel is and all i get is the CEL which it only stays solid. I cannot for the life of me to get it to flash. Ive checked every single fuse and checked the ECU it looks fine. nothing is burnt on it. and ive disconnected the Neg Battery cable Over night. and still no fix.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.


1990-1993 Honda Accord