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Hello everyone,

I just bought a few months ago a MacBook Pro (2016 model) without the Touch Bar (13”) and I have experienced the same issue. From a point of view, I’m thankful it doesn’t happen so often however, it is very annoying especially when I’m working on a narrated PPT presentation and when I review my narration I can hear the recorded “popping” sound. Moreover, sometimes the caps-lock key and the enter key don’t function. Especially when I hit the caps-lock at the edge and not at the centre of the key.

Very disappointed by Apple. I have been using Macs for the past two and a half decades and I have never experience a single issue other than the MAC OS not getting updated.

From reading all the comments here and elsewhere online (by the way, not a single Mac or computer related magazine doesn’t mention this issue, I wonder why!!!) I’m also thinking of taking my Mac back to the store from where I bought it (it was not an Apple store) and demanding of having it replaced. I mean what’s the point of keep asking them to repair it and going back again and again when probably it will not be fixed?

By the way, a fellow Mac user suggested to record the problem (for example, with a smart phone). This is an excellent idea because you/ we need to show to the store evidence of what is happening. I mean sure there are videos on the Youtube that show this problem but, it’s not your machine in the videos.

By the way, can anyone tell me if this “popping” issue is something that is present only on the Space Gray MacBook Pro’s?? The MacBook Pro 13” that I have is a Space Gray.

Many thanks for your time guys. I could say that I hope Apple would solve this but, obviously after 2 years they don’t really care.