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p8lite doesn't turn off


Hi every one i’ve got a water damaged huawei p8 lite a followed various guides to repair it ,i teard it down cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol once i reassbled it i’ve put it on a charge cycle and apparently i did charge  on full since the led gradually became green later i tried to turn it on but nothing happend  except for the green light blinking so even without the charger plugged, so later i decided to turn it off to check if i could do something for the display but every time i try to press the power button for a hard shutdown the led shuts off but after a few it starts againg to blink.

ps: if i connect it to a pc it get’s recognized and i can see some folders called with the model name of the phone which is ALE-L21 the other one called Hi-suite

does any one knows how to move on?



Huawei P8 Lite