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Use a magnifying glass and good light to look into the USB/charger port.  Take a tooth pick and gently apply a small force to the center tab in the port.  See if it freely moves.  If it is not rigid it is busted.  If it is busted be very careful about trying to follow the youtube instructions.  Not all T100s are the same.  In my case the screen and bezel are glued and the bezel is screwed to the base.  And yes you guessed it, the screw heads face the screen.  In this case if you try to pry the screen and bezel out you will crack the screen.  The only way to get it apart is to heat the screen and separate it from the bezel first so you can get to the screws.  And I am pretty sure that will fail.  Some of these T100s were not meant to be taken apart.  Thank You Asus for using a flimsy micro USB port to charge the tablet and also making the tablet that can not be serviced.