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Engine will crank constantly but will not start


Craftsman DYS 4500

Model NO: CV492S

SPEC NO: 27506

Kohler Pro 18hp OHV

Hydraulic Valve Lifters

Originally got this mower and it had an issue with the governor. RPM’s were through the roof and it ran wild and would die going up any kind of incline. I took the engine apart and found the governor sitting in the bottom, detached but in good shape. I reattached it to its proper location, reassembled. I then began to have issues with the mower feeling like it was not getting enough power, sputtering a dying. Eventually it got to the point where I am now.

If the mower sits over night I can usually get it to start and run for about 5 seconds or so before it sputters out and dies. I understand this means that over time fuel is working its way up to allow this, hence I have assumed it is a fuel problem. I pulled the spark plug out and grounded it against the engine and confirmed spark. Instead of messing around with rebuilding the carb I went straight into just replacing it.

I put a new fuel filter on, changed the oil, new oil filter. Put a new carburetor on, new spark plug.

I replaced the grommet in the fuel tank and cleaned the fuel cap holes to ensure proper ventilation.

Continued to have the same issues. I pulled the fuel line from the carb and tried to turn the engine over to see if it was a fuel pump problem. I had no flow so figured it was the pump. I replaced the fuel pump yesterday and still have no flow. I thought it might be an issue with the fuel line and I replaced the line from the tank to the pump as well as the line from the pump to the carb. STILL no luck. I am completely stumped at this point and am open to any suggestions before I drive it over to the engine shop

Any ideas?


Craftsman Riding Mower